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BIZcourse- Your On-line Business Success  Program

Business Management Solutions, Inc. (BMS)  Announces BIZcourse - the new 12 module on-line course designed to help new or established entrepreneurs chart their businesses’ directions and enhance the possibilities of success.

No matter what your business aspirations or background BIZcourse will guide you through the treacherous shoals of planning a business and executing those plans. You supply the creativity and ideas and BIZcourse provides you with the organization, structure, motivation and tools to succeed.

You will work with an instructor who will make comments and suggestions as you complete each module, giving you the confidence to take your business to the next level. It’s like having a free business consultant to help you plan your business strategy.  Most businesses fail or don’t achieve their potential due to poor or none-existent planning. So the core of BIZcourse is the development of a top notch business plan that you can use internally to monitor your progress or as a means of obtaining funds from investors or capital from lending institutions such as the Small Business Administration.

BIZcourse Highlights

  • 12 Modules- Each designed to build on your experience and ideas

  • Cutting Edge Software-  Effective and easy to use software designed to simplify the process of developing a comprehensive business plan. Automatically constructs charts, graphs, table of contents and financial projections.

  • Prestigious Education Partners – BIZcourse was designed with the cooperation of some of the top Universities in the U.S., including the University of Oklahoma.

  • Success Stories- Read narratives from successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the sometimes treacherous waters of business triumphantly.

  • Dozens Of Examples – Embedded in the course are several complete business plans so every step along the way you have guidance as to how others have answered the questions at hand.

  • Detailed And Easy To Follow  Instructions – Completing a business plan can be daunting, so we have broken it out into many small and easy to complete steps to take you by the hand through the process.

  • Get Inspired- We have incorporated many pertinent quotes and aphorisms on life and business to both make you think and give you the incentive to move forward.

  • Have A Laugh- Each module has a cartoon from the Cartoonjazz collection.

  • NURSEbiz- The business planning course designed especially for nursing related businesses. Based on our BIZcourse you can obtain 40 ANCC CE nursing credits at its completion.

You have or will put (as Churchill said) blood,  sweat,   toil and tears into the development of your business. A good detailed business plan is vital to give you the edge. BIZcourse covers sales and marketing, competitive analysis, financial planning, setting key milestones, and much, much more. You can’t afford to wait any longer. The BIZcourse business plan can help you  finally put in writing and implement your business dreams. Enroll today!


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